Is there a new kid?

Is there a new kid in Room 8? The question has been asked what would they look like?

21 thoughts on “Is there a new kid?

  1. Kia Ora! It’s Laura here. I love this Movie Flim because it was creative, as well as the animation. This was by far one of my favourite movies. Keep the good acting up.

  2. Hi my ame is losa and i am at pt england school and i really liked your movie because it is really cool keep up the good work nice job 👍

  3. Kia Ora! It’s Sia and I am in room 11 in PT England School. I love this Movie Flim because it was creative, as well as the animation. This was by far one of my favourite movies. Keep the good acting up

  4. Hi room 8. wow! great job. I really like the video that you guy’s made it was very cool.
    I hope you have a good day. from Caroline

  5. hi room 8 your movie was awesome because it was showing your school values.
    i very like the music did you have fun filming the show? From Jessica

  6. Kamusta Room 8, I loved the singing it was amazing and the smiles. The creativity was nice and the editing. This is one of my favourite movie. Keep up the creativity.
    Regards Graziel.

  7. Kamusta Room 8. I really liked this since it was different from other schools.
    i really liked how you made the drawings and animation.I especially liked the acting and songs.

    From Olivia

  8. Kia O Rana Room 8
    Its me Marii
    I really liked your movie because of the music that my brother copy writed and the way that you acted.We may not see Jesus from the outside but he is in all of us.Keep up the good work and God bless.

    Kind Regards:Marii

  9. Kia Ora Room 8. This is Spencer. I liked your movie because you are right – Jesus is in everyone’s heart not just in your class but all around the world. He loves us so much the he died on the cross for us. I also enjoyed the music that you added to your movie.

  10. Talofa lava Room 8
    I love your movie it was so creative but my favorite part was the song it was so nice to hear and the background music i was singing the song at the same time. I also love animation.

    Kind Regards Pio

  11. Kia ora room 8. This is Sione. I like your movie because I had to think about where Jesus is and you made it easy for me. We can recognise Jesus in each other. The music was awesome.

  12. Malo lelei Room 8. This is Tuakalau from room 6.
    I really loved your Manaiakalani movie called ‘The new kid.” I loved the singing, songs and clothes. I also enjoyed the photo and the editing you guys have done to your movie. I loved how the new kid was thinking that Jesus was in the school.

  13. Hallo Rm 8. This is Annamaria from Room 6.

    Your movie called the New Kid is beautiful. It reminds me that Jesus is in all of us so we must be kind to everyone. The song in the movie is very catchy that I can’t stop singing it and now it’s stuck in my head. Well done, Room 8!

    Kind Regards,

  14. Malo lelei room 8 this is Paula from room 6.

    I really love your movie you have made. I was really impressed with the singing in the beginning of your beautiful film. It was really funny when the new kid thought Jesus was in her class. I really like your video about the new kid thinking that Jesus was in her class.


  15. Talofa Lava Room 8,
    This movie truly brought back memories when it was my first day at Saint Patrick’s School, wondering who Jesus is and what does he looks like! Your music about God is brilliant! Even the animations! There is nothing I could recommend.
    Regards, Jaeden

  16. Talofa lava Room 8

    I watch this video all the time because this movie is my favorite especially when Daniel made his own song, I love the song he made and the acting all of you did. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
    Regards Angelina.

  17. Kamusta Room 8
    This is Georzen from room 6

    I just viewed your movie called “Is There A New Kid”. The movie that room 8 made was amazing because it reminded me of my first time in Room 6 and learning about Lord God Jesus. The animation is very amazing, even the song .

  18. Talofa lava Room 7. I watched your movie, it was very creative. The mitey balloon dog looked very interesting. I admire your artistic talents. You’re all very cool! I would love to come and try making Mitey with you next time.

  19. Hi room 7. I loved that you sang a song at the end of the video and that you were talking about those feelings that jesus might have. I also liked that you were figuring out who was jesus in your class. But your video was very creative and amazing.

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