Sadness and Happiness

Another collaborative poem from Room 8. As a follow on from ‘Arlo and the Orca’ we looked at the word happiness and what it looked like, felt like, sounded like, smelt like and tasted like. It was created as a write and roll handed around the class.


Sounds like laughing 

Feels like fun

Like a pure and happy life

Refreshing, clear, sweet

Cheerful laughter on a sunny day

Doing things you like

Smells like a strong sweet flower


Joy in your heart

A Large grin

Birthday cakes


Like summer

Happiness is about being who you are and having fun with friends and family


 And our poem for Sadness…. once again from the feeling Arlo had when Mum wouldn’t share her pain…




Cold tears dripping on your face

Water and cold air


Tears running down your face

Like a cold gust of wind

You’re no one

Tears dropping out of your eyes

Into the ocean

Salty tears

Hu hu hu hu hu hu

You’ve had enough

Crying salty tears and sweat

Bitter feeling of guilt, depression and regret

Sadness is blue, a rainy day

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